What is The Bead Pirate?

We make silicone bead necklaces and accessories.

How do I use your products?

Our silicone nursing necklaces can help babies focus as you wear them while feeding, keeping their sweet little hands busy. As baby gets older, they also give you a way of soothing their itchy gums while keep you looking stylish every day.

A quick release clasp ensures you don't get hurt should baby or toddler tug too hard and safety knots have been placed between each bead. 

Warning: This product is not a toy. Our Bead Pirate necklaces are to be worn by adults and older children only. Never leave your babies unattended with jewellery.

What are your products made of?

Our necklaces and accessories feature non-toxic 100% food-grade silicone beads that are free from BPA, Lead, Mercury, PVC, Latex, Phthalates and Cadmium. We also use a smooth, sturdy nylon cord on all accessories with an added breakaway safety clasp on all necklaces. Some accessories may contain metal components such as clip-on clasps and key rings.

How do I maintain my necklaces?

Simply wash with soap and water and allow to air dry. Or wipe clean with a baby wipe. For accessories with metal components, avoid water and wipe clean with a baby wipe when necessary.

Can my older child chew on the beads as well?

Our necklaces and accessories as teething relief are best used with babies and young toddlers. A full set of teeth and jaw strength in an older child may damage the beads over time - so we don't recommend this. But as an accessory, it would look fabulous on them!

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes. we ship to most counties. 

Is shipping tracked?

We register all parcels with tracking information that will be provided to you when your items ship.